Friday, June 12, 2015

Five for Friday! (And all my answers about Tell All Tuesday!)

Hey everyone! This has been a busy week of link-ups for me and I'm excited to finish it off with my Five for Friday post!
First things first, I know you are all DYING to know which one of my facts was a lie in my Tell All Tuesday post! 
If you guessed that fact #2 was my lie, you were right! While I do love my fur babies, my little sister is the one who always thought about being a veterinarian, not me! If you missed out on reading my post, check it out here!
The most exciting part of my week by far was finally sharing some really really exciting news with the world!! My husband and I are expecting our first little one this December and we finally shared our news through some incredible pictures that my sweet sister took for us!

I enjoyed reading and blogging about the first chapter of The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. It is an excellent book so far and I can't wait to dig into it even deeper! If you have the book and are joining along on the link up, be sure to check out my thoughts of chapter 1 here
I will wholeheartedly admit that I am a full on Netflix addict. I am loving having so much uninterrupted day time to binge on all of the series that have been patiently waiting for me on my list. Right now my current obsession is SCANDAL. And when I say obsession, what I mean is 2 full seasons watched since Tuesday and I'm digging into the 3rd. LOVEEEEE IT! 
I had a blast going to a painting party with my mom, grandma, and sister! The OCD part of me would have liked to have probably 7 hours to perfect every inch of my painting, but sadly I had to do what I could with the 2 hour class restraint. I still think my little painting turned out pretty nice though! (Plus is was fun!) 

Thanks for stopping by to read about my week!