Friday, February 12, 2016

Five for Friday!

How is it already almost mid-February?! Gosh how the time is flying by! I've started Five for Friday posts the past two Fridays but life with a little baby has kept me from finishing them. I'm DETERMINED to get this post done today though, so here we go!
This week was *supposed* to be my first week back to work, but I think God knew I wasn't quite ready to leave my little man. After a team planning day on Monday,  mother nature gave us two lovely snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by our already planned winter break yesterday and today! This momma was pretty happy to only have a one day work week for her first week back! (And of course my little man had to wear his snow day onesie!)

One of the big ways that I prepped for heading back to school was spending a day stocking my freezer with some crock pot meals. I have 15 bags of yummy meals ready to take out, pour in a crock pot, and head out the door. I love how much cooking time it is going to save me from in the evenings because I know I am going to want to snuggle my little man as soon as I get home every day! If you have any good crockpot freezer meals, please share!!! 

Have you ever played Ticket to Ride?! It is easily my new favorite game! We got the board game for my parents for Christmas and loved it so much that I had to download it on our iPad as well! Kole is such a great helper every time I want to play :) 

I finally finished up the 4th case in my Daily Language Detective series and I have to say, I think this one might be my favorite! If you are looking for a great way to practice adjectives, determiners, and conjunctions, head over to my Facebook page for a chance to win a free copy! 

Because I can't get enough of my little love bug, and because he is easily the biggest part of my every day life right now, here are a few of my favorite faces from the last few weeks! :)