Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wishlist Linky: Products you will LOVE!

Hey everyone! I know I have been off the grid for a while. I've been taking time to make my littlest love my priority over computer time, which meant taking some time off from blogging. When I saw my friend Amanda from Daisy Designs post about this linkup though, it looked like too much fun to not join in!
I can't wait to share some of my top wish listed items of TPT-many of which would be a GREAT addition to your classroom this winter! Be sure to hop over to Amanda's blog to check out some great resources from other awesome teachers as well!

 First up-My growing bundle of sight word sentence strips! This bundle is my own personal FAVORITE resource to use in my classroom, and the most wish-listed item in my store by a long shot. This bundle is always growing and has so many different themes that it is sure to match the interests of all of your little readers! I am pulling out my Christmas set and Winter Animals set to take to my kiddos this week.
 To check out the way the sentence strips are set up, you can download my safari set for free!

 My next most popular resource on wish lists is my Number Grid Ninjas math unit! I love this unit and my kiddos always have so much fun with it! To check it out in further detail, visit my original post about NUMBER GRID NINJAS!

 My third wishlisted item is actually also my best selling resource on TPT! This count on to add math set is so great for your little learners who are struggling with counting on!

I'm off to check out some of the resources my friends posted about and fill up my cart before the TPT sale tomorrow! Be sure to check out Amanda's post and visit some other blogs for more great new resources that you might not otherwise find! Happy shopping!