Thursday, September 24, 2015

Number Grid Ninjas!!

We have had SUCH a fun week in first grade! We've have been learning our numbers ninja-style all week and I am so excited to share it all with you! Stick with me through the post for your chance to win all of these awesome activities!

My kiddos are OBSESSED with ninjas. They love the ninja KooKoo Kangaroo GoNoodle and they love books about ninjas and they have love love loved all of these new ninja math activities. Take a look!

My little ones are in love with mystery pictures! We had a great time using cue cards in independent mystery picture centers! I was pretty impressed with how their little ninjas turned out! 

A few of my little ones BEGGED me to get to fill out numbers on number grids-something that I was having to BEG them to do just last week-ninja power!

We have also loved playing number grid ninja games all week! For this activity, students received number grid boards and glued ninjas to different numbers of their choice. I collected all of their boards and then re-distributed them throughout the class and then my little math geniuses used whiteboards to write down the numbers that the ninjas were hiding! The pack also includes a version of this game where the boards are pre-made with answer cards for use as a math center! 

Something about being able to tell my kiddos that they need to practice "counting like ninjas" has been magical this week. They have worked quieter, harder, and more excitedly on all kinds of counting activities this week and it has been so exciting for me to see the progress that they have made as a result! Here are a few of the counting activities that we have enjoyed this week. 

Wanna know the best news about this Number Grid Ninjas pack?! I am so excited about it that I want to give one pack away! There are so many more exciting things that this pack has to offer (over 100 pages of math ninja greatness) and I hope that you will love it all as much as I do! The contest runs until Friday next week, so be sure to enter to win!!! Good luck! :)