Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday!

Hey everyone! It has been a week full of SO MANY THINGS and I'm excited to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another awesome Five for Friday!
Last week we finished up solving The Case of the Messy Alphabet and so this week we were excited to start our new daily language detective case- The Case of the Sloppy Sentences! My kiddos are loving practicing capitalization, punctuation, and finger spacing and it is awesome to see how hard they will work on it just so that they can be good detectives! 

We have been going NINJA crazy in math this week! I posted yesterday about all of the fun ninja activities we have been doing and you should most definitely check out my post because it includes a contest with a chance to win my brand new Number Grid Ninjas pack! Here's a look at some of the fun we have been having! :) 

I am on our school's STEM committee. Over the summer we applied for a STEM grant in order to purchase a few growing towers for the school. We got approved for the grant and placed our order and finally got our growing towers this week! My kiddos were so excited about such a fun new thing in our classroom and I can't wait for all the awesome science learning that we will be able to use it for! We planted seeds for some vegetables today and the kiddos were in love! 

My awesome momma has an embroidery/ heat press business and made my entire team some awesome new shirts! We loved wearing them today-dress down days are my favorite now that my comfiest pants are my maternity jeans! :) 

I am in my third trimester now and finally have a sweet baby bump! This little munchkin is growing bigger and bigger every day and I am actually really loving having a bigger bump! I ordered some awesome maternity clothes from Pinkblush maternity and have loved having a belly big enough to wear them! I can't believe that our little man will be here in 11 weeks!!! 

Hope you have all had a lovely Friday! Don't forget to stop by and enter my contest to win some fun ninja math!! :) 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Number Grid Ninjas!!

We have had SUCH a fun week in first grade! We've have been learning our numbers ninja-style all week and I am so excited to share it all with you! Stick with me through the post for your chance to win all of these awesome activities!

My kiddos are OBSESSED with ninjas. They love the ninja KooKoo Kangaroo GoNoodle and they love books about ninjas and they have love love loved all of these new ninja math activities. Take a look!

My little ones are in love with mystery pictures! We had a great time using cue cards in independent mystery picture centers! I was pretty impressed with how their little ninjas turned out! 

A few of my little ones BEGGED me to get to fill out numbers on number grids-something that I was having to BEG them to do just last week-ninja power!

We have also loved playing number grid ninja games all week! For this activity, students received number grid boards and glued ninjas to different numbers of their choice. I collected all of their boards and then re-distributed them throughout the class and then my little math geniuses used whiteboards to write down the numbers that the ninjas were hiding! The pack also includes a version of this game where the boards are pre-made with answer cards for use as a math center! 

Something about being able to tell my kiddos that they need to practice "counting like ninjas" has been magical this week. They have worked quieter, harder, and more excitedly on all kinds of counting activities this week and it has been so exciting for me to see the progress that they have made as a result! Here are a few of the counting activities that we have enjoyed this week. 

Wanna know the best news about this Number Grid Ninjas pack?! I am so excited about it that I want to give one pack away! There are so many more exciting things that this pack has to offer (over 100 pages of math ninja greatness) and I hope that you will love it all as much as I do! The contest runs until Friday next week, so be sure to enter to win!!! Good luck! :)  


Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday: Confessions of a Sleepy Teacher

Times is FLYING by and I am feeling so guilty about how much time is flying between my blog posts! I told myself that NO MATTER WHAT I was posting a Five for Friday post today, so my sleepy self is snuggled up with my kitty and pup and they're helping me stay awake long enough to write this post. (And long enough to still be awake when my hubby gets home from work!)

Last Saturday we went to Athens and our baby got to listen to his first UGA football game live! :) My pregnancy app last week said that his ears are developed enough now that he can hear loud sounds and might move around when it is loud! He didn't wiggle too much during the game, but I did feel a few big kicks during some loud cheering moments! Even though it was pretty hot, it will be so fun to show him pictures of his first game someday! 
We started learning about seasons this week and my kiddos have LOVED working on their seasons books! These are FREE in my store, so if you are looking for a cute way for your kiddos to document their learning about the seasons, be sure to check them out

I love how creative they have gotten with their trees! Can you tell a have a Halloween-obsessed firstie on my hands?! :) 

Are you as ready for it to be fall as I am?! I can't wait for cool weather and candy corn and everything pumpkin flavored! My love for all things fall got me excited about working on some new Sight Word Sentence Strips! My kiddos have been loving reading these fun sight word sentences and I can't wait to introduce them to these new sets! If you love them, be sure to check out my growing bundle of sight word strips!

We have been working hard on counting to 100 this week and all of my little ones have loved working on some simple counting centers! We have had fun sorting and counting mini erasers, building towers with cubes,and counting pom-poms! I can't wait to see them continue to learn more about counting with some new fun centers next week--stay tuned! :) 

I can't believe how close I already am the the third trimester of my pregnancy! I am definitely a million times more exhausted at the end of every day, but I love this little boy growing inside me so much! I've finally had to give in and buy a few pairs of maternity pants (about time!) and I absolutely LOVED wearing this pair from Target for my 26 week picture! 

Have a fantastic weekend!