Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Surviving 'til Summer

I am excited to link up with Katie & Michelle to talk about some ways that I am surviving until we make it to summer! This is my first year teaching so I love reading everyone's ideas about how they are surviving this last stretch of school days!

My current survival kit:

I would absolutely not survive without binge watching my favorite shows! I love having background TV while I work and Netflix always has an overwhelming amount of options!
I'm currently working my way through Revenge (on my own) and The Blacklist (with my hubby) and obsessed with both!

2. Walking with my pup
We both get so restless after a long day (me after being at school for 2546 hours and her being stuck at home alone for the same amount of time) and we love taking a long walk in the evenings to let off some steam. Walking is always such a nice stress reliever for me and I sleep so much better after a long walk!

Seriously, if you are not on Go Noodle train, hop aboard. Go Noodle saves my life daily. There are so many awesome brain breaks and it is a great way for the kiddos to get their wiggles and giggles out. We love Koo Koo Kangaroo for our transition times and especially love running a long race when we have to stay inside for recess (April showers, go away!)

4. Directed Drawings!!!
My class is so OBSESSED with directed drawings! I am so thankful to First Grade Blue Skies for so many awesome directed drawings! It is a lifesaver for those of us who are artistically challenged ;)
Our school day was extended by 20 minutes due to so many snow days this year and directed drawings are the perfect fit for our extra time because my students get so excited to write about their pictures! We only get to go to art 1 week out of each month, so I love having a way for my students to express themselves artistically! I am always surprised by how creative some of them can be! :)

                    5. Reading Buddies with my Kindergarten bestie!
The upper grades have been testing this week which means that we have not had our block time!
To fill in the extra hour of our day, I got together with my Kindergarten bestie and we had our students buddy up to read! They all loved it and it was a great chance for me to scope out some future firsties for next year! ;)
What are some ways that YOU are surviving 'til summer?!