Friday, May 8, 2015

Blow painting and STEM and Mother's Day-Oh My!

WOW! What a crazy busy week it has been in First Grade! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for five for Friday because there are so many amazing things that I want to share with you about our week!!
Last week we started working on writing our very last narrative writing of the year! I knew I wanted to do something really engaging so that my kiddos would write really good stories! When I saw this idea I just HAD to try it! I quickly through together some stories I had about times that different characters were scared and after reading we brainstormed things that scare us! I am really proud of my kids for writing some really awesome stories to go with their really awesome pictures! I plan on writing a long, detailed post about this project as soon as possible, so stay tuned! 


This week has been packed full of so many STEM activities for me! I am a part of the STEM committee at my school and we have been working hard to come up with some cool project ideas for next year. I started an aquaponics project with my kiddos earlier in the week and then got to visit another school to learn about an exciting hydroponics project! I am pumped up about STEM right now and have so many fun project ideas! I can't wait to create some fun projects to share with all of you :)

We have been getting ready for Mother's Day with lots and lots of crafts! We loved doing other Mother's Day direct drawing by First Grade Blue Skies earlier in the week and then we added to our Mother's Day Books with a few other ideas too! I was so happy to find this writing pack to go with our pictures! 

We had a preview day this week where each grade got to move up to their new grade for an hour and see what it is like! I had a blast doing some Mo Willems activities with the group of future firsties that I had visit my room! We read pigeon stories and then got to draw the pigeon! I wanted them to get a taste of directed drawings since we do so many in my class! 

Today we went on the most exciting field trip of all time!!! Today was our county-wide STEM day and when I was trying to come up with a good idea for our kids, my brilliant husband reminded me that one of the high schools in our county is a STEM highlight school and they have a lot of cool things going on. After thanking him for his smart brain I quickly got on the phone with my principal and asked if please pretty please could first grade go visit the high school for a STEM field trip?! Needless to say, she loved the idea and after a few short e-mails we had the day planned! In my head I was thinking we would go, tour the school, see their program and greenhouses and they kids would see a bigger scale of what we do at our school. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how much more this field trip would mean to me and my kids. The high school STEM staff and students planned an entire day packed full of fun science activities for our kids. They paired up one-on-one with our students and helped them plant flowers in recycled water bottles, make paper rockets to shoot with straws, and make tornadoes in bottles. My kids left the field trip with three priceless souvenirs and a newfound passion and excitement about science and IT.WAS.AWESOME!!! I could honestly write pages and pages about how great our day was, but for your sake I will just let the pictures show you! 


I hope that your week has been a great one! Thanks for stopping by! :)